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At Marky Clean we take great pride, not only in our work and the windows we clean, but in our health and safety record and employee reliability.

Reach and Wash ladderless window cleaning

Reach and Wash window cleaning is carried out from ground level using extendable poles with soft brushes attached. Pure water is pumped to the top of the pole and then through the unique brush head. The window or area to be cleaned is scrubbed and rinsed off.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the windows are left to dry clean, drying out naturally, so the glass does not need drying off with a squeegee.

Health and Safety

Marky Clean Windows are committed to Health & Safety and are constantly monitoring, reviewing and improving our procedures to reduce any possible hazards that may arise at the workplace. We are well aware of our legal obligations and regard safety as the most important factor within our business. Before any contract or cleaning task commences full and comprehensive risk assessment is carried out and submitted to the client.


Marky Clean are professional in every way and we reccomend them for both commercial and residentail cleaning...

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