Window Cleaning

High Access Window Cleaning

High Access Window Cleaning

We have the capacity to clean windows in any premises of any height, from the use of hand-held equipment from ground level cleaning to work on multi-storey buildings using cherry-pickers or by abseiling.

We use a top of the range system called Reach and Wash, this system sends purified water up a large pole cleaning the windows leaving them extremely clean. All of this is done very safely without the use of ladders, causing no danger to the public, staff or ourselves. Of course we can clean windows the traditional way by ladders, mop and squeegee, but only to the height of 2 storeys by law.

Marky clean are committed to providing a quality service in all areas of window cleaning, our access methods include;

·    Rope access / abseiling
·    Water-fed poles system
·    Hydraulic platforms
·    Cradle Systems

Marky Clean has an exemplary Health and Safety record, which we continually strive to maintain and improve through constant Health and Safety training and reviews of our procedures.